Understanding Gauges

The gauge system

In the HOPE Ecosystem, inflation is directed towards users who provide liquidity. This usage is measured using gauges. The liquidity gauge measures the amount of liquidity a user is providing.

Each liquidity pool has its own gauge where you can stake your LP tokens. It is a requirement to stake your LP tokens to the gauge in order to earn $LT rewards.

After adding liquidity, you won't get base or boosted $LT rewards unless you stake your LP tokens to the gauge.

The weight system

Each gauge also has a weight and a type. Those weights represent how much of the daily $LT inflation will be received by the liquidity gauge.

The gauge weight voting

The weight system allows the LightDAO to determine where the $LT inflation should be directed. You can vote for the gauge weight here: https://app.hope.money/#/dao/gauge

Every week, the LightDAO votes on the allocation of $LT emissions for the following week. Every participant can have a say in how the liquidity mining incentives are distributed. The new emissions are applied every Thursday based on the results of the vote.

If you have veLT, you can allocate your voting power towards the liquidity gauge (or pool) that you think should receive the most $LT.

If you are not familiar with veLT, click below to discover more:

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