Stake & Earn with $HOPE

Staking $HOPE

By staking $HOPE, you will receive $stHOPE. Subsequently, by holding $stHOPE, $LT rewards will be accrued. Rewards will be accrued depending on the amount of $stHOPE held, further boosted by the amount of veLT you have. The more $stHOPE and veLT held, the more $LT will be rewarded.

$LT rewards accrued daily based on formula below:

$I_u = \int \frac{r^{\prime}(t) b_u(t)}{S(t)}dt

For more information about $LT rewards mechanism, please refer to $LT Inflation.

You can staking your $HOPE at

What is $stHOPE ?

$stHOPE is a liquid, tokenized representation of staked $HOPE in the in the ecosystem. It allows stakers to gain liquidity over their staked $HOPE. This enables the locked value in staked $HOPE to be utilized in protocols including HopeSwap, HopeLend, HopeConnect, HopeEcho etc.

$stHOPE is the proof of ownership of the underlying staked $HOPE, and thus directly represents the entitlement to the staking reward. Financial protocols that incorporate $stHOPE can leverage the rewards mechanism to incentivize adoption.

Similar to $HOPE, $stHOPE is tradable on HopeSwap and can be used in combination with other assets to provide liquidity to money markets, generating trading fees and $LT rewards.

Unstake $HOPE

Stakers can unstake their $HOPE at

The unstaking process takes 28 days to complete. During this period, the unstaked $HOPE cannot be traded, and no staking rewards are accrued.

The 28-day unstaking process assists in the long-term stability of $HOPE reserves. The unstaking period discourages volatility by locking staked $HOPE in the system for at least 28 days. In exchange, stakers receive staking rewards, further improving the reserve stability.

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