$HOPE Basics

Next-gen money powering the HOPE Ecosystem

$HOPE is the fundamental pricing token of HOPE Ecosystem, designed to become a distributed stablecoin backed by crypto-native reserves. These reserves will be managed through HOPE Gömböc (Reserve Pools), which will bootstrap the pricing of $HOPE and ensure its stability.

HOPE Gömböc is a set of distributed reserve pools, initially consisting of BTC and ETH with an initial fixed ratio of 1:10.

What is the purpose of $HOPE ?

The main purpose of $HOPE is to offer next-generation financial protocols, accessible to anyone with an internet connection by a crypto native setup.

How to get $HOPE ?

$HOPE will first be open to institutions to mint with BTC and ETH peg, and provide the ecosystem with liquidity. A price discovery process is taking place, allowing us to discover the ratio between $HOPE and BTC/ETH reserves. Once the ratio is finalized, the public will be able to get $HOPE via HopeSwap.

You can get $HOPE at https://app.hope.money/#/swap/exchange

How $HOPE works ?

$HOPE is minted and burned by the smart contracts on demand through a specific pricing mechanism.

$HOPE is on a multi-phase growth plan to achieve peg in the next halving cycle, with its market value gradually achieving $1.00 (reaching 100% of face value, the "Peg Event") as the cryptocurrency market recovers.

What is the utility of $HOPE ?

By staking $HOPE, user will receive $stHOPE as proof of staking, and by holding $stHOPE they will accumulate $LT rewards as a staking incentive during the rewarding period - longer stake yields higher rewards.

You can staking your $HOPE at https://app.hope.money/#/hope/staking

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