What is "Other Rewards" when claiming rewards?

When yield farming, there will be two types of $LT rewards if the token pair involves $stHOPE.

Mining Rewards

This reward is earned by providing liquidity and staking LP tokens to the liquidity gauge. It's your main reward for participating in yield farming.

Other Rewards

If the liquidity asset you are providing can generate yields, such as $stHOPE can earn $LT, then this part of the reward will be counted towards "Other Rewards" instead of "Mining Rewards".

When you provide $stHOPE liquidity:

  • Before depositing $stHOPE into the liquidity pool, the staking reward for HOPE goes to your address because you hold $stHOPE.

  • After depositing $stHOPE into the liquidity pool and staking LP tokens to start mining, the staking reward for HOPE goes to the gauge. This is because you have transferred $stHOPE to the gauge and the gauge is now the holder of $stHOPE. This can explains the source of "other rewards".

How will the "other rewards" be distributed to LPs?

During the first week, the "Other Rewards" amount is 0, as the $LT from HOPE staking has not yet been claimed. This part of the reward will be automatically claimed every Thursday.

Once claimed, the $LT rewards accumulated in the pool will be added to the Gauge and distributed over the following week to addresses in proportion to their LP token holdings.

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