Governance Guide

LightDAO Governance

LightDAO Governance decentralizes the Hope Ecosystem Protocol, enabling the community to govern the Protocol and the LightDAO Community Treasury. Learn more about the LightDAO Community Treasury in $LT Tokenomics.

The HOPE ecosystem is governed by community members who hold veLT. These users are allowed to make improvement to existing protocols and suggest new initiatives by submitting and voting on proposals.

You can visit LightDAO at this address: <gov link (to be updated)>

Voting Escrow

Users lock $LT in the voting escrow to attain veLT ("Voting Power") to create proposals (for which there is a minimum veLT amount) and vote on proposals. veLT is equal to amount locked * duration of lock, users can lock their $LT for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of four years. As time progresses, a user's veLT decreases since the duration is decreasing. Users can increase the amount locked and extend their lock to increase their veLT.

Governance Proposals

The steps for a successful governance proposal are:

  1. Create a Temperature Check discourse post to explore proposal ideas and engage in discussions with the community on the forum.

  2. Post a draft proposals in HOPE Snapshot to gather feedback from community and make changes before moving on to the official proposal stage.

  3. Submit the proposal to the protocol for a governance vote through LightDAO Governance Portal.

For a detailed overview of the proposal, see the Proposals.

Governance Rules

This forum is dedicated to discussions on LightDAO governance. Relevant topics include:

  • Governance Proposals

  • Proposal Discussions

  • Site Feedback

This is not the place for:

  • $LT, $HOPE price discussion

  • Generic LightDAO or Hope Ecosystem discussion

  • LightDAO or Hope Ecosystem support requests

  • Off-topic conversations

If you need help with the technical aspects of submitting your proposal to the Ethereum blockchain, you can ask a member of the HOPE team for assistance.

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