$LT Tokenomics

Supply & distribution of $LT

$LT will be officially launched in mid-April. As the single utility token of the HOPE Ecosystem, the main purposes of $LT are to incentivize participation, facilitate governance, and create value for the ecosystem and its stakeholders.


The total supply of $LT is infinitely close to 1 trillion tokens (1,000,000,000,000 $LT), with an initial supply of 400 billion tokens (400,000,000,000 $LT), which is 40% of the total supply.

The total supply of 1 trillion $LT is distributed as such

  • 60% (600,000,000,000 $LT) to community and ecosystem participants and contributors

  • 40% (400,000,000,000 $LT) initial supply to treasury reserve, HOPE Foundation, and stakeholders

The initial supply of 400 billion $LT (40%) is distributed as such

  • 5% (50,000,000,000 $LT) to the genesis treasury reserve

  • 5% (50,000,000,000 $LT) to HOPE Foundation (grants)

  • 30% (300,000,000,000 $LT) to stakeholders (team and investors) with 4 years vesting


Apart from the initial supply, the remaining 60% of $LT follows a piecewise linear inflation. The inflation rate is reduced by 21/42^{1/4} each year. Each time the inflation reduces, a new mining epoch starts.

All of these tokens are gradually vested (with every block). The initial inflation rate which supports the above inflation is 23.87%. All of the inflation is distributed to liquidity providers of HOPE Ecosystem, according to measurements taken by the Gauge System.

The inflation amount formula is as follows:

$I_u = \int \frac{r^{\prime}(t) \; b_u(t)}{S(t)}dt

The inflation rate formula is as follows:

r=wg  wt  rr' = w_g \; w_t \; r

Gauge type weight

The inflation rate that changes every epoch (1 year)


The following chart shows the release schedule of $LT for the next 10 years:

The initial circulating supply is 50 billion in which is distributed to the treasury reserve and another 50 billion to the HOPE Foundation.

During the first year, the approximate inflow into circulating supply is 261.59 million $LT per day.

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