Understanding $LT

$LT aims to be the single utility token for all protocols within the HOPE Ecosystem, with a total supply of 1 trillion tokens, creating a unified ecosystem and generating non-dilutive value accrual to $LT. Rewarding our community, users, and partners with $LT, providing them with transparent governance power.


$LT holders can receive veLT by vote locking their $LT. By doing so, they not only gain voting power but also enjoy benefits such as sharing Gov Fees and the potential to boost their $LT rewards.


veLT holders can participate in governance by casting votes.

They can vote for gauge weights, which determine the allocation of daily $LT inflation and are closely related to their base rewards.

They can also vote for various DAO proposals that will be presented in the future.


Liquidity providers who hold veLT can potentially boost their $LT rewards by up to 2.5x compared to those without veLT, by taking action to activate the boost.


To incentivize veLT holders participation in the governance process, they can earn Gov Fees based on the Fee Distribution mechanisms in place, which allows veLT holders to receive a share of the fees generated by the HOPE Ecosystem.

Reward Matrix

The table below can help you understand the incentives and rewards for token holders.

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