Type of proposals

  • Affecting Governance Consensus

    These are the relatively critical proposals which require comparatively more time for voting. They are usually related to governance. The execution of these proposals is done by a long time lock executor.

  • Affecting Protocol Parameters

    This proposal is executed by the short time lock executor. Only certain parameters of the protocol get affected by this type of proposal. Since these proposals require less voting time, they are ideal in case quick action is needed.

Proposal Rules

Proposals that do not adhere to the following rules will be removed by moderators.

  1. Proposals must be relevant to the LightDAO or Hope Ecosystem protocol or the governance process.

  2. Duplicate/spam proposals are not allowed.

  3. Proposals must be technically feasible within the existing Light DAO protocol infrastructure.

  4. Proposals may not include false or misleading facts or figures.

  5. Proposals that do not adhere to the following rules will be removed by moderators.

Governance Proposal Process

0) Temperature Check on Governance Forum (off-chain)

Users discuss potential proposals and create proposals on the LightDAO Governance Forum, hosted at <link (to be updated)>.

New members must register for an account to interact with posts.

The purpose of the Temperature Check is to gauge if there is sufficient interest to make changes to the status quo and to determine the details of what this change should entail.

1) HOPE Snapshot (off-chian)

Post a draft proposals in HOPE Snapshot (<link (to be updated)>) to gather feedback from community and make changes before moving on to the official proposal stage.

Proposals must be posted on the official HOPE Snapshot before posting on-chain.

2) Governance Portal (on-chain)

Users with a minimum of 8.25 veLT can create proposals that are approved in HOPE Snapshot and submitted for a governance vote through the LightDAO Governance Portal:<link (to be updated)>

When the proposal has been launched on-chain, users vote via the Governance Portal for 14 days. If the proposal is successfully approved, it will be implemented within 2 days after the voting period ends.

After the voting period ends, if the amount of votes in favor of the proposal exceeds the Governance Quorum (the minimum amount of votes cast in order for the proposal to be valid) and the Governance Supermajority (the percentage of votes cast that must be in favor of passing), the proposal passes. Otherwise, the proposal does not pass.

If user no longer holds the minimum required veLT during the proposal period, the proposal will be rejected.

Proposal Creation Delay (time between multiple proposals from a single account): 1 Week.

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