Boosting $LT Rewards

This guide assumes you have already provided liquidity and that you are currently staking your LP tokens into the gauge. In this scenario, you may utilize veLT to boost your $LT rewards by up to 2.5x on the liquidity you are providing.

Locking your $LT

To vote lock your $LT, visit the following page:

Enter the amount you want to lock and select your expiry. Remember locking is not reversible. The amount of veLT received will depend on how much and how long you vote for.

You can extend a lock and add $LT to it at any point but you cannot have $LT with different expiry dates.

After creating your lock, you will need to apply your boost.

Applying your boost

Head over to the farming page & the pools page

Your latest boost will not be applied until you interact with the gauge such as claiming rewards, staking or unstaking LP tokens.

If you lock $LT before staking the LP token, you will see your new boost after staking without any further action needed.

If you lock $LT after performing the other steps, your new boost will not update automatically. In this case, you can apply your boost by claiming rewards from each of the gauge you are staking LP tokens in. After doing so, your latest boost should be showing.

To learn more about how gauges and veLT work, check veLT & Checkpoint Mechanism.


The boost mechanism will calculate your earning weight by taking the smaller amount of two values. The first value is related to the amount of liquidity you are providing and the weight of the total liquidity supply in the specific gauge, which you can refer to the formula below. The second value is simple, it's the amount of liquidity you are providing.

min((Liquidity40%+TotalLiquidityVotingBalanceVotingTotal60%),  Liquidity)min((Liquidity*40\% + TotalLiquidity * \frac{VotingBalance}{VotingTotal}*60\%),\; Liquidity)


Locking $LT (veLT)

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