How to participate in governance?

To participate in governance, users need to lock their $LT into veLT.Community members vote with their veLT. One veLT equals one vote.

You can get more details about veLT in the documentation below:

pageLocking $LT (veLT)

Voting on HOPE Snapshot

HOPE Snapshot is an off-chain governance forum where users can express their preferences and vote on proposals. The purpose of HOPE Snapshot is to determine which proposals will be put on the chain and ultimately implemented.

You can visit HOPE Snapshot at this address: <link (to be updated)>

Voting on Governance Portal

The governance portal is a formal on-chain voting protocol, users can simply visit the proposal of your choice, click your vote option and confirm your transaction. You can find LightDAO proposals at this address: <link (to be updated)>

<img to be updated: Screenshot of Voting on chain>

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