Understanding HOPE Ecosystem

What is HOPE Ecosystem?

The HOPE Ecosystem Provides a comprehensive set of use cases for $HOPE, including swap, lending, custody, clearing, and settlement, while incentivizing users to participate in the ecosystem and community governance through $LT.

What is $HOPE Token?

$HOPE is a utility distributed stablecoin, designed as a currency vehicle for non-crypto natives to enjoy financial inclusion in a fully transparent and secure environment. $HOPE will be backed by distributed reserves of BTC and ETH.

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What is $LT Token?

The HOPE Ecosystem will also launch a utility token $LT (Light Token) to incentivize liquidity provision and governance participation within the HOPE Ecosystem.

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How can I get $HOPE?

$HOPE will first be open to institutions to mint with BTC and ETH peg, and provide the ecosystem with liquidity. A price discovery process is taking place, allowing us to discover the ratio between $HOPE and BTC/ETH reserves. Once the ratio is finalized, the public will be able to get $HOPE via HopeSwap.


How can I get rewards from HOPE Ecosystem?

You can earn a base $LT rewards by providing liquidity such as staking $HOPE, or staking your LP tokens to the gauge. Subsequently, you can vote lock your $LT to acquire veLT, which allows you to cast votes on LightDAO, boost your $LT rewards and receive fees generated from the ecosystem.

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Who can participate in the HOPE Ecosystem?

Our mission is to offer crypto users, including non-crypto natives, a frictionless decentralised finance (DeFi) user experience by bridging traditional finance and centralized finance. That means anyone anywhere can participate in the HOPE Ecosystem. In fact, we welcome developers across all ecosystems to join us in creating innovative DeFi protocols to change the lives if billions.

Users can participate in LightDAO governance.

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Why do we need $HOPE or the HOPE Ecosystem?

$HOPE is launching amid a widespread crisis of trust and transparency following the collapse of several centralised institutions. At the same time, DeFi protocols are unwieldy and require intimate knowledge of how the DeFi ecosystem works. This makes the barriers to entry high and so DeFi is mostly only used by crypto natives. If DeFi is to go mainstream, we need a frictionless and easy-to-use ecosystem of groundbreaking DeFi apps, designed to onboard the growing wave of new investors.

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