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Claiming Rewards

By contributing to the HOPE Ecosystem and participating in DAO governance, you can earn generous rewards.
You can earn a base $LT rewards by providing liquidity such as staking $HOPE, or staking your LP tokens to the gauge. After that, you can vote lock your $LT to acquire veLT, which allows you to vote in governance, boost your $LT rewards and receive fees generated from the ecosystem.
By holding veLT and using it to vote for gauge weights, you can not only increase your base earnings but also get a boost multiplier on top of that. Additionally, you can receive a share of the gov fees.
To claim your rewards and fees, please visit portfolio page:


To learn more about incentives and rewards within the HOPE Ecosystem, please refer to the following sections:

Reward Matrix

The table below can help you understand the incentives and rewards for token holders.
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