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HOPE Gömböc

Distributed reserve pools for $HOPE
HOPE Gömböc is named after the Gömböc shape, a mathematical object that represents stability.
HOPE Gömböc is a set of distributed reserve pools, initially consisting of BTC and ETH with an initial fixed ratio of 1:10, to back the value of $HOPE.
HOPE Gömböc is distributed for safekeeping in trusted third-party custodians, such as Coinbase custody or on-chain decentralized custodian protocols. The composition will be fully disclosed on-chain to ensure complete transparency.
HOPE Gömböc - Distributed reserves
HOPE Gömböc - Distributed reserves
Ensuring HOPE Gömböc value remains pegged to the chosen asset, BTC and ETH in HOPE Gömböc will be gradually converted to distributed, stable-value and liquid assets to avoid impact from coin price fluctuations.
HOPE Gömböc will be held on-chain under governance of LightDAO; it will be made transparent to the entire ecosystem.
Last modified 6mo ago